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What makes a perfect writing space? If you ever looked for a perfect writing space that will work for everyone, probably there wouldn’t be any. I have always wondered why it is different for different people. What you think as a perfect working space for yourself may not be a perfect one for others. I am one of those people who would like to have a serene setting to produce any quality output. I need to have a zero decibel environment barring the humming I hear from my laptop fan. Any minor distraction would stall my writing. It will require another sitting to catch up with the rest of my writing.

My writing space comprises of my thoughts, my laptop and a cozy corner where I can capture my thoughts and transfer them to a writing piece. But I have seen remarkably different kind of attitude expressed by others. Most in current generation are multi-tasking. If you give them a topic to write, they can amaze you completing the writing totally in a pressured environment. They need to have their earphones on to listen to the music while writing. Simultaneously they could be watching a reality episode on TV. Side-by-side, they could have opened their Facebook account along with zillions of other chat spaces like twitter, tumbler, Instagram, and iTunes.  They will probably be found amid other kids who do similar things raising their collective decibels to a higher level where no ordinary human being cannot even kick-start their imagination.

Everyone is unique in dictating what constitutes a better writing space. Some like sounds surrounding them, some don’t. Some like a light-dimmed place and some like it brighter. Some need a light music flowing into their ears. Some would like to watch TV program while writing. Some could use an umbrella on a beach and some could use a seat in the train or bus. Some would like to write in a park setting surrounded by greenery, flowers, trees and birds chirping. Some need an external stimulus to write.

For a prolific writer, the thoughts could be coming to mind at any time. It is important to note down such thoughts before they escape the mind. So it could be anywhere, should you be looking for a perfect writing space? All you need is a train of thoughts which will lead to perfect writing rather than a perfect writing space where you look for a train of thoughts. What would you opt for?

Shekar Krishnan
Shekar Krishnan works as project management professional for a multi-national company in New Jersey. His pastime includes writing, reading, watching movies and travel.

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