Impact of Technology on writing and reading

Into The Future – PART II

Technology not only has affected the writing medium. It also has affected the medium used for reading. There used to be a time, when you could boast of your reading by stacking mountains of books in your room. Now you can store all of them in a memory stick and still exhibit your erudition. What a difference does it make! In few years we all could be living in an age of digital books completely. Your smart device could become a home to many digital libraries and provide you with all the reading opportunities.

What about the writing instruments like Pen or Pencil? It probably could evoke a memory of the past. Well, when did you last use a Pen for more than an hour? As an adult you could be filling up some forms with a pen. But these days all such forms are available online. Even for signatures, you don’t have to use the pen. You can sign the form using your digitally encrypted signature. May be you will become a famous writer and autograph the books with your pen. Even that has only less probability! Chances are, your fan or follower could be taking a selfie instead of having of your autograph. A photograph instead of a photographic memory! May be, it is time to keep your pen or pencil as a keepsake.

I can envision a future where there will be only digital books. Students could be carrying just a smart tablet which will have access to all the text books and still could be used as a writing medium for them to submit their work. Teachers could be using smart eBlackboard to present all their teachings.

I need to pause and see if I have to uphold tradition or technology. Nothing feels like going to a library with your kids and browse the library aisles for some good reading! Nothing feels like preserving a good book for years until your see the color of the pages turn smoky that would get transferred to generations! Nothing feels like holding a pen and writing a letter in the old fashioned way to your good friends! Nothing feels like marking things with a pencil to do some craft work and sliding the pencil up your ear! But the digital storm would wipe all these in nanoseconds…. While it could take away some of our traditional afflictions, it also presents tremendous opportunities to satisfy your thirst for writing and reading. The digital world is inviting you. What are you waiting for?

Shekar Krishnan
Shekar Krishnan works as project management professional for a multi-national company in New Jersey. His pastime includes writing, reading, watching movies and travel.

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