Impact of Technology on writing and reading

Into The Future – PART I

The other day I was travelling. I wanted to buy a book so I could read it during my travel break. But then I told myself I have a ‘set agenda’ even during my travel. When would I get some break? Still I thought I could find something to read to while away my time. I went to a book store. I browsed different types of books. I couldn’t make up my mind. Finally I decided to buy an audio book so I could listen to it while I was travelling.

The audio book totally presented a different flavor. It didn’t give me the kind of reading pleasure I could get by reading a book. I hear people acting out different characters as depicted in the book and there was a unique voice which would describe the non-conversational part. Though my choice of buying an audio book did satisfy my thirst for reading a book during my travel time, it opened up so many questions in my mind.

What is the impact of technology in writing? Does it help to make it better or worse? Just 20 years back we never had an audio book. But now technology has presented us with a different media to write and read. It has changed the total landscape of readership and writing craft. The ratio of writers to readers used to be disproportionate. Not any more…. Gone are the days when only a select few could write! Now it opened up avenues for everyone. Knowingly or unknowingly we all write so much these days, starting from text messages to online reviews. You amaze yourself writing lengthy comments in online media, just about everything from beauty products to politics. Suddenly you find yourself in the midst of an opinionated world. Freedom of expression has acquired a new dimension. Thanks to the technological impact, the writing craft has revived….

To a great extent, technology has helped evince interest in people to do more writing. Plenty of opportunities are now available for those who want to become a writer. People from different corners of the world are grabbing these opportunities and bring out their best imagination. It used to take months and years for anyone to get a book published. Not any more…. The technological innovation helps you write your book right at the comfort of your home or at a park-bench or under your summer beach umbrella. You can write, review or collaborate with other authors to perfect your writing piece and publish even before you think it is a reality. Who knows, you may even hit a pot of gold, if your online readers vote yours as the best novel around. Soon your story could be used for a Hollywood movie! There are number of websites that can help you become an author. ProLiFic-Online is one of them. You should definitely check it out to see what kind of opportunities it presents.

Shekar Krishnan
Shekar Krishnan works as project management professional for a multi-national company in New Jersey. His pastime includes writing, reading, watching movies and travel.

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