Eat, Play, Write

Eat, Play, Write

If you are a regular reader, you probably thought about becoming a writer too. But you never took it seriously! You had this feeling at the corner of your mind that your writing may not be up to the expectations. The foremost important thing is you need to overcome that feeling. You need to put a seed in your mind that you too can write like everyone else! Once you have the seed, you will see it flourishing. You need to continuously practice. A strong idea, a time-based framework and enthusiasm to complete the work. Those are the three things you will need to become a regular writer.

First, how to get an idea to write? You don’t have to stretch your mind to look for ideas. They could be just floating around you. It could be one of your daily experiences or it could be even your life-time experience. You need to look for writing opportunities from the things that happen around you. Everyone has unique experiences. Pick one of your own experiences and think differently about them. You may even want to put life into those inanimate things that use daily. If they were speak to you, what kind of dialogue you’d have? You’ll be surprised to see, such things actually present a multitude of writing opportunities. You could even twist one of those experiences – twist it, bend it and look at it from a different angle. You’ll soon be a prolific writer!!

Writing should be your everyday regimen! To become a better basketball player, you need to watch how a star player plays. Akin to that, you can also become a better novelist by reading well-known authors. You’ll learn from their writing style and characterization. You’ll learn from their methods of dealing with conflicts in the story. You’ll also learn how much research the author would’ve done in order to bring some realism into the story. Those are in fact some of the essentials you will need, to shape up your ideas into stories.

Next you need to bring some structure into your story. Draw the story-line, assemble the characters, construct the settings where each chapter of the story would take place, and introduce a conflict in the story. A great story will have a great conflict. It is the conflict that makes the story enjoyable, thrilling or suspenseful. It is the author’s intellect to deal with the story’s conflict makes the story appealing or disappointing. A good writer also knows how to balance between dialogues and descriptions. These are the right ingredients to write a great story.

More than anything, it is your enthusiasm to write that matters the most! Choose a serene setting for you to engage in writing on daily basis. Find a medium to express your thoughts. Gain feedback on your writing which will perfect your writing over a period of time. There are many avid readers but very few of them turn to writing. This post is to encourage them to pen their thoughts and establish themselves as a regular writer.

Shekar Krishnan
Shekar Krishnan works as project management professional for a multi-national company in New Jersey. His pastime includes writing, reading, watching movies and travel.

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