No Magic For Luke Peters

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Story Synopsis

Sixteen-year-old Luke Peters wakes, one morning, feverish and in pain. He stays home from school, not bothering to tell his father. While at home, Dale Perkins, an old man with a German Shepherd comes to visit. Perkins tells Luke that someone has made an attempt on his life during the night. Someone else is coming, Perkin continues. Bobby Bland, a teen with baseball bat, attempts to kill Luke soon after. Instead, Luke smashes him in the face with a freshly-washed frying pan and escapes with Perkins.
Perkins takes Luke to the home of Sheila of the Wolves. Sheila is an otherworldly matron of a small pack of werewolves. It is revealed that Perkins had been part of her pack, had left his daughter, Sadie, with Sheila and had magically split himself into two separate bodies. Luke will later learn that Perkins has done this to confuse his bloodline and keep Sadie safe. Luke learns that he’s expected to go live with a group known as the Exiles. The Exiles are people from both sides of a magic war who chose to hide instead of fight.

Perkins contacts the Exiles, sending for help. However, before backup can come, the Dark Man and Bobby Bland strike. The Dark Man, an exile in his own right, had attempted to kill Luke in his sleep. He comes to Sheila’s home with a pack of dark dogs, mangled bear-like beasts with pitch-black fur and razor-sharp teeth. They tear apart the house, forcing Luke and Sadie to flee and forcing Perkins and Sheila to fight. Sheila is killed, severely injuring the Dark Man in the process. Perkins is hurt bad and then later possessed by the injured Dark Man.

Meanwhile, Bobby Bland attempts to kill Luke, causing Luke to drive a truck into a river. Luke and Sadie are separated in the river’s current and Luke ends up trading blows with Bobby Bland. Bobby claims he killed Luke’s father. The police come by, break up the fight and arrest the both of them. While in police custody, Luke meets and is freed by an agent of the Random named Sam. Sam claims that Luke is in danger and that Perkins is lying.

Luke races home and finds that Bobby had lied, but not completely. His father is beaten unconscious and stuffed into a closet. Luke calls for help, but before the ambulance arrives, the help from the Exiles shows up and takes Luke. They tell him that he’s being hunted because his death could result in the deaths of millions more. Luke’s life is somehow entangled with the mystical barriers that hold back the enemy. Perkins’ backup take Luke to the Exiles and Luke meets Lorelei and her daughter, Elizabeth.

The Dark Man, inside Perkins’ hijacked body, follows Luke to the Exiles, but is barred from coming in. Because the Dark Man can’t get to Luke, he kidnaps Sadie and threats to kill her. He also urges Bobby, who had been injured and locked away in a hospital bed, to kill Luke’s father. With Elizabeth’s help and against Lorelei’s wishes, Luke fights the Dark Man and wrests Sadie away from him. Sadie is
ultimately the one that drops the Dark Man, slaying her father in the process.

It isn’t over. Luke learns that his father is in danger. Perkins’ second body, still possessed by the Dark Man, arrives at the hospital after Bobby Bland shirks the Dark Man’s wishes. Bobby fights the Dark Man, but it outmatch. The Dark Man leaves him, bloody and broken. Luke arrives with Sadie and is separated again. Sadie is confronted by Sam, the Agent of the Random. He wishes the war to become more violent and bloody in the hopes of bringing more chaotic energy into the world. Sam attempts to kill Sadie, but Sadie beats him back. Luke confronts the Dark Man who holds Luke’s father hostage. Luke is forced to kill his own father. In doing so, he forces the Dark Man out of Perkins’ body and gives Bobby the opportunity to kill the Dark Man, once and for all. Luke, seeing the near-destroyed Bobby, says “If I see you again, I’ll kill you.”

Story Details

  • Genre(s): Fantasy, Urban, Young Adult
  • Tags: Another World, Magic, Monsters, Werewolves
  • Length: Novel, Part of a Trilogy
  • Content Rating: Suitable for all Ages

About the Author

Matthew H. Jones is a 25-year-old man, working out of Lowell, Ma – Jack Kerouac’s backyard. His writing is informed by a lifetime love for horror novels and action movies. He was diagnosed with Juvenile Macro-degeneration at age 12. Being barred from a driver’s license was unfortunate, but hot and cold running fiction, coming from Perkins’ School for the Blind, definitely
helped him.

Matthew’s style ties together vivid violence, and nuanced characterization with sparklings of dry humor.

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