Force Field

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A woman with a very secluded upbringing has her home broken into and trashed. After alerting the police, she leaves in a stupor to go for a run. The weather gets worse and turns into a thunderstorm, ultimately striking the woman with lightning. She awakens later that day and finds that she has electricity coursing through her body and emitting a dangerous and lethal current projecting from her body that kills a deer, a man, and then injures a boy and a policeman.

A young man named Alan speaks with her about what her new ability can accomplish, which leads her to believe that she is unstoppable. She later realizes that her abilities are not a gift, but a curse that can only cause destruction. She decides to make sure that the people who deserve it are the ones that suffer from what she can do.

The people that she decides to find include the ones that broke into her home, her parents, kids that she went to school with, and her former roommate. Along the way, the woman struggles to place herself on the scale of morality and discover the extent of her abilities.

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