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Story Synopsis

Jonn and Tina Langin have little more than one month remaining with their young son.
A delightful little boy, Timmy is in the preparation stages for his transition into F.O.C.S. (pronounced ‘folks’) upon the arrival of his third birthday.

On what was to be their final vacation with their son, unexpected discoveries in a dingy Belleville, Illinois basement bring Tina face to face with her first glimpse of ‘Motherhood’.

Forbidden keepsakes, and an old woman’s memories, reveal a time when ‘Family’ was important, and the birth of a child was more than a simple biological function. But today, such thoughts are unacceptable. Bonding with one’s offspring is considered an illness, and the signs of this malady are beginning to show in Tina; leaving her with two choices. First; submit to medical intervention to eradicate the thoughts, or second; convince her husband to abandon all that they have been raised to believe.

Within the confines of America’s ‘secured homeland’ escape is impossible and detection is constant. But to be Timmy’s ‘Mom”, she knows she has to try.

Story Details

  • Genre(s): Drama, Dystopian
  • Tags: Children, Family, Motherhood, Parenthood
  • Length: Novel
  • Content Rating: Suitable for all Ages

About the Author

R.M. Harrison contracted the writing bug in his early teens. Beginning as a songwriter, (published through BMI) he ultimately completed nearly four hundred compositions. Over time,his writing interests evolved from three minute stories to three hundred page novels covering an array of genres and leading to his first published work, ‘2084’ in 2003.

His persistent approach to subject matter is to never relate to what has been written before.

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