Write without giving up your day job and read without using up all of your free time!


The digital age has changed the multimedia landscape from the way music, film and books have been presented and distributed to the consumers.

Going the independent and self-publishing route has provided multimedia creators with the freedom to create without someone telling them when to create, what to create, and how to go about creating it. They set their own rules, therefore dictating the outcome.

ProLiFic Online champions this mode of thinking and would like to expand on it in the book publishing world.


ProLiFic Online stands for Progressive Literary Fiction meaning diverse works of fiction from writers of all types of backgrounds with a story to tell that may not normally get heard or read via the traditional way of publishing. We also want to push the digital publishing envelope by creating enhanced audiobooks and interactive ebooks.

Time is a precious commodity that everyone is trying to stretch out to the very last second. Crafting a work of fiction can be a time consuming effort in and of itself especially if you have a 9 to 5 job you would like to keep, a family to raise, and / or a social life you would like to maintain and once that work of fictional art is complete there are even more steps to take before it actually gets into the hands of the reader.

ProLiFic Online wants to offer writers the time they need to write while still being able to carry on with their daily lives, and potentially make money on the side.

We are a digital publishing and reading service where creative writers & avid readers come together and share their love of fiction one chapter at a time.


ProLiFic Online does everything a traditional publishing house does behind the scenes along with everything self-publishing houses give you the freedom to do minus the hefty price tag.

  • Editing / Proofreading
  • Conversion / Formatting
  • Cover design (free for a limited time)
  • Audio / Narration adaptations (free for a limited time)
  • 80% royalties
  • Maintain all rights

We are open to published and unpublished writers with complete or incomplete manuscripts (NaNoWriMo participants are welcome).

The way ProLiFic Online works is very simple:

  1. Writers choose their own chapter release schedule from the following: once a week, twice a week, once a month, or twice a month.
  2. The first chapter of every book is FREE (including the prelude or prologue if there is one).
  3. If a reader is not sure if they like a book from reading the first FREE chapter then they can purchase additional chapters individually, therefore only reading what they pay for.
  4. If a reader knows for certain after reading the first FREE chapter that they will want to read the rest of the book as it’s released, they can subscribe to the book.


The writers and the readers make us different from all other publishers out there. ProLiFic Online is built with a community of people with mutual interest in mind — reading and sharing good fiction. As writers release their chapters readers can respond instantaneously, which allows the writers to receive immediate feedback on their work.

In return for the readers feedback and social media commentary they can earn ProLiFic Perks.

All we ask for in return is diverse fiction that makes us feel, think, and experience through the written word.

Books are not dead. They are just evolving with the times and ProLiFic Online would like to be a part of the digital book revolution.

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